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You have come to the right place if you are looking for Didgeridoos and Didgeridoo related items. Here you will find the highest quality and widest selection around! Our authentic plain and painted eucalyptus didgeridoo selection comes straight from Australia. We also carry a full modern didgeridoo selection. Each didgeridoo we sell comes with our free instruction booklet and DVD to help you learn how to play. Along with our great internet inventory we have a huge didgeridoo selection on display in our 1,000 sq. foot shop. So, give us a call if you don't find what you are looking for!
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If you are here because you already have a didgeridoo and want to learn how to play, no worries! We have tons of free information for you to learn with. Want to learn the basic drone? Or would you like more info on circular breathing? Want to hear the different keys of the didgeridoo? Check out our sound and rhythms page, it has lots of didgeridoo sound clips for you to listen to and play along with. We also have a page about eucalyptus didgeridoo care. Don't forget to like our Didgeridoo Store Facebook page for news and special offers and check out our Didgeridoo Store Youtube videos!
All of our products are tested to assure that you will enjoy your purchase and appreciate it for years to come. We guarantee your satisfaction on every item we sell. Please take a moment to browse through our website. We hope you discover something new and interesting.
Please feel free to e-mail us with any questions or comments at: didgeridoostore@aol.com
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Didgeridoo Store orders ship out within 1 - 3 working days (excluding weekends and holidays).
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We hand select the highest quality didgeridoos. 100% satisfaction always guaranteed.
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The didgeridoo is believed to be the worlds oldest wind instrument, dating back thousands of years. It originates as a musical instrument of the North Australian Aborigine. The didgeridoo is traditionally played accompanied with clap sticks and/or the clapping together of boomerangs in Corroborees (ceremonial dances). Players can also tap out rhythms on the side of the didgeridoo using fingers or sticks.
A didgeridoo is traditionally made from one of many species of Eucalyptus branches or saplings. Species of eucalyptus number in the hundreds but only about a dozen species are used for didgeridoo making. The eucalyptus is naturally hollowed out by termites whose nests abound in the millions in Australia. It takes at least a year for the termites to hollow a tree out. Harvesting has to be timed so that the wall thickness of the instrument is not too thin or not too thick. It has to be "just right". Making for the perfect instrument!
The varying length of the wood that is sawed off and its thickness and shape will determine which key the instrument will be in. Shorter lengths yield higher pitches where as longer lengths yield lower pitches. Didgeridoos generally range in keys from a high "G" to a low "A". A common "C" didgeridoo will be two steps below middle "C" of a piano. The keys of C and D are the easiest keys to learn how to play on the didgeridoo.
Bark is usually stripped from the outside and the termites removed. A rim of beeswax can then be applied to reduce the diameter of a large opening down to more playable sized aperture. About an inch and a quarter, similar to a tuba sized mouthpiece. Wax also creates a good airtight seal for the mouth and makes it more comfortable to play. The didgeridoo can then be decorated with ochre paintings that symbolize a tribes food and/or totems.
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How The Didgeridoo Came To Be...
Three men were camped out on a cold night in the outback. One of the men told another to put a log on the fire, because the fire was getting low and it was very cold. So, the other man turned and grabbed a log, which was awfully light to the touch, for it was hollow. As he went to drop it into the fire, he noticed the entire length was covered with termites. He did not know what to do, for he could not throw the branch into the fire, because it would kill the termites, and his friends were telling him to do so because it was so cold. So, he carefully removed all the termites from the outside of the log by scooping them into his hand, and he deposited them inside the hollow branch. Then he raised the branch to his lips and blew the termites into the air. The termites blown into the air became the stars, and the first didgeridoo was created.
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